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Clive Merrison is Sherlock Holmes

Merrison's career has encompassed radio, TV, the cinema and the stage, where he has been particularly associated with the plays of Alan Bennett. His many TV appearances include Doctor Who, Yes Prime Minister, Miss Marple, Lexx, Foyle's Law, Peep Show and Bert and Dickie, and he has been seen in films as diverse as Heavenly Creatures, The English Patient, An Awfully Big Adventure and The History Boys.

Clive Merrison is a past winner of the Sony Radio Award for Actor of the Year.

By a splendid coincidence, Merrison bears a striking resemblance to a painting of the detective by the Victorian artist Sidney Paget who illustrated the stories for the Strand magazine.

Merrison's portrayal won widespread praise.

He vocally exploits the paradox of Holmes: he is at his coldest in small talk but when the brain is engaged he takes on a sensual purr.
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Merrison succeeds in making Holmes a living, breathing human being. He captures all the weaknesses and strengths of the character.
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Clive Merrison makes the perfect Holmes.
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Clive Merrison
Merrison as Holmes
Holmes by Sidney Paget